Travel Diaries -The truth about Cuba

Hello, Bookworms! Today’s post is about Cuba! I wanted to share some of my experiences, when I visited Cuba in August 2018. In this post, we will be exploring the DEEP, DARK TRUTH! Haha, just kidding! I just wanted to debunk some common known myths about Cuba and reveal the actual truth about what it’s like traveling to Cuba.

For most Americans/Canadians, when they hear Cuba they immediately think about the Embargo the U.S. has had against the country since the 1960s. Many American and Canadian Many American/Canadian citizens know little to nothing about Cuba, and that is why I am here to save you all!

Myth # 1 : Going to Cuba is like going back in time :

Although in Havana there are a ton of old cars, and the architecture is old, it’s still feels like the 21st century. Locals have iPhones, plenty of internet, and free wifi all around.

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Myth # 2 : Cuba is dangerous

Did you know that more than 1.2 million Canadians travel to Cuba every year, accounting for 40% of visitors! Yet, despite this large number, tourists still shy away from Cuba when deciding on a travel destination. But the truth is, that Cuba is as dangerous as any other destination would be. Although pickpocketing is on the rise, crime is low, and Cuba is a welcoming destination for anyone that would love a calm, carefree vacation.

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Myth #3 : The food in Cuba is terrible

Although it’s true that there isn’t a lot of variety in the food, it is pretty delicious! During my stay in Cuba, I stayed in a resort, but I have heard that local food is amazing. Some wonderful meals can be found in Havana, and make sure not to shy away from the local homemade food- because typically those are the best!

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Myth # 4 : Women Shouldn’t Travel to Cuba Alone

Another commonly known myth is that Cuba is not particularly safe for solo female travelers. Apparently, harassment, sexual threats,  and catcalling are some of the unavoidable things that women face. But in reality, women should feel comfortable traveling alone to Cuba. Solo travelers do not typically attract flirtatious attention, and if they do, saying a simple “no” is enough.

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One response to “Travel Diaries -The truth about Cuba”

  1. Cuba is a country I can’t wait to visit, at least Havana and Santiago.


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