My Favourite Turkish Foods – a sacred list

Hello, Bookworms; if you weren’t aware, I am Turkish, and as a food connoisseur, I take this seriously. VERY SERIOUSLY. This list has been perfected throughout my entire life; it’s a flawless list(or close to it) and is genuinely…quite beautiful(even writing this is bringing a tear to my eye).

My List of Turkish Favourites :

Liquids / Drinks :

  • Nar suyu
  • Çay
  • Türk kafesi 
  • Ayran

Main Meals :

  • Kumpir
  • Simit
  • Ispanak 
  • Sarma
  • Lahmacun 
  • Barbunya
  • Kısır
  • Su böreği 
  • Tarhana corba
  • Çiğ köfte 
  • İskender döner 
  • Bakla
  • Zeytinyağlı Enginar
  • Bamya
  • Mercimek çorbası 
  • Yoğurt (with everything)
  • Nohutlu pilav 
  • Ezogelin çorba 
  • Içli köfte 
  • Lüfer taze balık 
  • Piyaz Antalya salata 

Sweets + Bakery :

  • Damla sakızlı dondurma
  • Süper ikili (tahin ve pekmez) 
  • Mosaik kek
  • Elmalı kurabiye 
  • Kara Kabak tatlısı 
  • Anne kurabiye
  • Ayva tatlısı 
  • Ay çöreği

Thanks for reading! I have a recipe post coming for sarma, my favourite food of all time, and it includes suggestions to make it from my grandmother.


14 responses to “My Favourite Turkish Foods – a sacred list”

  1. I loved the food in Turkey, and was surprised by its variety, especially all the outdoor bistros in Istanbul, and in Adana. One of my favorites not on your list was something called manti, I think.

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    1. I loveeeee manti, I don’t currently eat meat though but wow such a delicious dish. How did you enjoy your time there?

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      1. Yes, it was great. We spent three weeks, one in Istanbul and the rest driving east into the countryside. Tons of fresh fruits everywhere we went. And I remember delish eggplant dishes too, and breakfast on Mt. Nemrut. It was difficult to go all the way east… we wanted to see Lake Van, because military had things closed off due to the Kurdish problem. Efes was wonderful.


  2. all of these look SO DELICIOUS 😩

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  3. Gosh – you have no idea how hungry I am after reading this! 🤤

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    1. Trust me it was so hard making this ahah

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  4. I used to work with a guy who lived in Turkey for a year, and he always raved about the food. He just loved it. I love these photos and it’s making me hungry.

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    1. Thanks Wendy! The food is just incredible


  5. All of these look so good! I’ve started including yogurt with more dishes and it really does go with everything 😊

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    1. Yogurt is just an obsession, I swear it must be addicting!


  6. Awesome post right here; the baklava definitely looks tempting! (Oddly enough, that viral Turkish chef Burak came to mind as I was looking at the pictures.)

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    1. Yummm right, so hard to say no to them

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  7. These dishes look delicious – I’m drooling!

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