Birthday Q&A – I’m finally FREE🦋

Hello Bookworms, I’M EIGHTEEN! WHOOT WHOOT! Can you believe it? Because I certainly can’t…..but honestly, yes I can. Although the gif below is certainly an exaggeration, I do feel a new wave of independence(but covid doesn’t let me do anything with it…). I’ve never done a q&a on this blog before and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. These questions were taken from a form I posted and you guys submitted a few questions for me! They range from general bookish questions, to about my blog and writing and even my bookstagram.

Thank you so much to everyone who has and continues to support me on this blog. It truly means the world to me, and I cannot wait to see how this blog continues to grow with me

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this is me the minute the clock strikes twelve.

And the moment you’ve been waiting for….The Questions!

I wasn’t able to include all your questions, but thank you to those who did submit!

Why did you start your blog?

Now let’s take a deep dive into the history books, shall we? Some of you may be surprised to hear that this blog was created in 2013 when I was nine! I rarely posted until 2019/2020 but my archives serve as a little time capsule. So that’s when I started but why? As a place to hold my deepest darkest thoughts….muahahaha…just kidding…this blog is a special little corner for me, as it has always been. I made it for myself, to write and record the books I enjoy(or don’t) and it continues to serve as that.

What do you find the hardest about writing?

Starting. This is a fairly common answer but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I struggle with committing to an idea and fleshing it out as new ideas always pop into my mind and they take away from the excitement of whatever my current project is.

One of my goals for the new year is to focus on my writing and committing to the projects I begin. I’ve always loved writing, from short stories to essays to poetry, so remaining consistent will be key.

What’s a comfort book you keep going back to?

There are many books that I consider “comfort books” and for various reasons. The first I can think of is Awake and Dreaming by Kit Pearson. I can’t recall the exact date I discovered this book, but I know it must have been nearly six years ago, and I own a little battered copy. The book is so difficult to describe but I have such a deep emotional attachment to it, the writing and the main character. Rereading this always takes me to a particular place, one that only this book has brought me to, making this book one of my ultimate favourites

Additionally, the Percy Jackson series will always be one that I hold dear to my heart. I’ve had such a wonderful journey with this series, it has introduced me to numerous books, authors, passions and so much more. Here are a few posts I have of this series on the blog:

PJO series review

My favourite PJ book

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Characters Book Tag

The Throne of Glass series is also one that introduced me to the fantasy genre and was one I fell in love with in 2017. It was one of the only series’ where I waited for each book to be released and it was so suspenseful and exhilarating! It also presented me to Mass’ other books, although these books remain my favourite. Here are all my posts regarding this series. 

What’s your favourite post?

Well well well, ALL OF THEM! I am definitely proud of all the posts I publish but some that stick out in my mind are:

Book Reviews:

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

My favourite mini-review!

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov


Percy Jackson Discussion

Drawing the line between Inspired and Copied Content(Coming next week♡)


Bookish Food: Blue Cookies for Percy Jackson!

Turkish Food Recipes: The Basics

Author Interviews!

I also adore doing author interviews!! Here they all are.

All-time favourite book characters?

So so so many. These characters are the reason why I read. I would trade places with them any day, and would love to be friends with them in real-life♢ First off we have Percy Jackson(duhhh) and Annabeth Chase. These two have my entire heart…do I need to say more? Next up, from The Cruel Prince, there is Jude and Cardan(book series review coming soon), and I just adore them. I recently realized I didn’t even review the series on my blog? Although I read it last year and immediately fell in love with the two of them and their dynamic

Then there is Cassian and Nesta from the ACOTAR series. You may have noticed a slight trend…I love characters that begin as enemies and end as lovers! The banter is just immaculate whenever that is the case and this is no different. Cassian’s personality and Nesta’s stubbornness is so relatable and entertaining to read. And last but not least is Jude from A Little Life. This character is immensely different from the others I’ve listed but has truly touched me in a different manner. It’s almost impossible to explain, so I would suggest reading my review to learn more about him. 

What immediately makes you dislike a book? 

Hmmm….right off the bat would be the writing. It’s the first thing a reader notices, and if I cannot connect to the writing or at the very least tolerate it…ERIN IS OUT. Otherwise, it would be poor world-building, unlikable characters(not morally grey, but irritating) and one of my pet peeves: when authors try to write using lots of slang. It just reminds me of their age difference to the genre they are writing, and more than half the time it comes out forced and wrecks the reading experience.

Books that mean a lot to you?

Here are a few novels that I have connected with on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. I have reviews for most of them, and those that don’t…it’s coming...! I need to begin with a book that is my favourite of all time – A Little Life. This book destroyed me a million times over as I read it, and I STILL think of it every day. Lolita is also a book that I’ve read and loved, as well as The Kite Runner(heart-breaking, devastating, remarkable). Finally, Looking for Alaska has been a favourite of mine for a few years(I cry every time I read it…) and a new favourite has been Fable

What are your most/least favourite things about bookstagram?

I’ve recently joined bookstagram and absolutely adore how relaxed the environment is for creators. It’s also very welcoming to those that are new and it’s incredibly easy to make friends. I’ve made friends that live across the globe, and without that platform, I would have never met them! On top of that, the general unique aesthetics of each creator is so inspiring to see. 

I wouldn’t say there is something that instantly comes to mind when I think of the negative aspects of bookstagram. There is drama from time to time, but it isn’t any more or less than any other social media platform. If I had to pinpoint one thing that irritated me it would be how much attention is put on releases by popular authors and just the overall idea of “hyped books”. This is the same for every platform but it just seems to be enlarged on Instagram, and there is a certain “pressure” to read it or talk about it. And they are usually a disappointment after hearing hundreds of creators talk about them for months on end, but other than that I can’t complain!

What/who are your favourite tv shows, actors and musicians?

I LOVE THIS QUESTION! I also listen to quite a few podcasts so I’ll list them here quickly: The Daily, Aquarius Today, Science Weekly and anything by Parcast.

TV Shows: Game of Thrones(A new favourite! I’m on season four hehe), Gilmore Girls, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., The 100, Victorious, My Little Pony(……yes okay i love it…)

Musicians: Billie Eilish, Panic! At the Disco, The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys.

Actors: I honestly don’t really have any. If I was FORCED to choose I would say Richard Madden, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Melissa McCarthy.

Songs: Hayloft, Space Girl, Daddy Issues, Take a Hint.

These lists are subject to change as is every answer on here as I am bound to grow, evolve(as humans do) and discover more things about myself, new books and authors and just NEW THINGS OVERALL!

You made it! Thank you so much for reading, and being a reason as to why I love this community so much♡

When is your birthday? How long have you been blogging?


52 responses to “Birthday Q&A – I’m finally FREE🦋”

  1. Happy eighteenth (even though I’m a bit late lol)! I really enjoyed reading the Q/A, and omg, I love Billie Eilish and have recently started listening to The Neighbourhood and I’m enjoying their music! 💜

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    1. hahha no worries, i’ve been loving their music lately!


  2. Joss @ maybeivereadit Avatar
    Joss @ maybeivereadit

    Oh no, I am so late to this but happy birthday!!!! I hope you had a fantastic day! I love the Percy Jackson series so so much but for some reason, I haven’t read the last installment of the series yet 🙈.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you, and YOU NEED TO!!

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  3. Happy Birthday!
    MY birthday is on November 12. I’ve been blogging for about two months now.

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  4. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself! It’s always nice to meet another book blogger!

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  5. Happy Belated Birthday lovely! Hope you had the best day! ❤️

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  6. Every time you mention Lolita I actually mentally high five you because NOBODY talks about that book? And it’s so good??? I feel like it’s got a bad rep and I love how we’re just over here appreciating it for what it is.

    Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WHOO HOO! 💙💙💙 Fun fact: you’re actually legal once you turn 18 in Australia. I’m talking fully legal. As in you can drink wine, order a cosmo at a bar, gamble… Basically do anything you want. [I think it’t the same for you but I’m not sure LOL! 😅

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    1. HAHAH YES why is Lolita so underrated, you know what at least we appreciate quality books🥰 AND OOP i’m coming to Australia, let’s go drink💙💙


  7. funnily enough, i actually find that starting is the easiest part of writing. i am always eager to start out a new project, but i struggle so much with actually finishing, hahah. i think it’s because when starting out, you don’t need that many answers. and then once you start writing and realizing all the plot holes, it becomes a lot more difficult to continue.

    percy jackson really is the *best* time. i already have the two last books in this series in my list of books i want to re-read this year. like you said, these books bring me so much comfort and i feel like that’s something we could all use right now, hahah.

    i have to agree that the hype on bookstagram is super different than the hype in any other social media. it was really interesting joining the platform and noticing that. i think if i was active in there, i’d have probably been even more annoyed at when a hyped book disappoints me hahah

    (also richard madden!!!!! such an underrated icon!!!)
    i hope you had an amazing birthday, erin!

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    1. okay this comment is EVERYTHING. first of all thank you so much lais💙🥺 and right off the bat,, RICHARD MADDEN YES LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! And honestly, why is every part of writing so difficult hahah, but I totally agree, finsihing and committing is soooo tough. and yes, school has been so hard for me recently so a percy jackson reread is needed❤️ and yes, i love booksta as a creative platform, it’s so different to blogging but i defff don’t take it as serious as i do my blog so i love it. thanks again you are so sweet!!


  8. Happy belated birthday! ❤

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  9. Happy belated birthday! I loved reading this Q&A- ahh, I also Gilmore Girls and Friends so much. :’) You talking about Jude and Cardan is definitely making me want to read the rest of the series because I’ve only read The Cruel Prince so far, but I want to continue with it! Great post💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks olivia!! glad we connected on here, and yes haha love that we enjoy the same shows and books as well. i am rereading the trilogy RIGHT NOW and would say you NEED to continue them💙

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  10. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! i loved reading this post and finding out more about you! <33

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  11. Happy Birthday Erin!!! I hope you had a beautiful day ☺️!!

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  12. Happy belated birthday!! I also really love Jude and Cardan even though their relationship was a bit toxic at the beginning HAHA

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    1. True true and thank you so much!! I love their relationship though hahah😉🤍

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  13. ellie @ eleanorsophiewrites Avatar
    ellie @ eleanorsophiewrites

    Hope you had a great birthday! Mine is in September!

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  14. Happy 18th to you!!!

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  15. Ahhhh happy 18th birthday Erin!!!! 🥳🥳 This was such a great Q&A, I feel like I learned so much more you!! I 100% agree, bad writing is such a turn-off for me when I’m reading — I just can’t invest myself in the story and characters if the author doesn’t express the emotions well, y’know?? 😂 Ahh I REALLY need to get around to PJO!! Reading that series is definitely one of my top priorities in 2021 🤩

    Great post Erin!!! Lots of love ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks abby, that was the goal❤️ yes, glad we share the same views haha and YES YOU NEED TO MOVE PJO UP RIGHT NOW AHHHH💙✨

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  16. Happy 18th BURFDAY, ERIN!!!!! Fun Q&A!

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  17. Happy birthday!! I love your answers to these prompts. Fable is one of my new faves too, and I’m rereading the ACOTAR series before the new book. So excited for Cassian and Nesta’s story!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sorry for the late reply ahhh, this was put into spammm😢 but thank you so so much!! yes, I’m currently in the middle of ACOSF and it’s AMAZING! How are you enjoying it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I finished it and LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! lol I wasn’t sure I’d like it because I didn’t love Nesta, but I loved her by the end of the book. Such a fantastic read!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Okay ahhh so glad you enjoyed it!! I’m halfway through and obsessed since cassian and nesta were always my fave characters🥰🥰

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I was all about Rhysand in the previous books, but Cassian and Nesta – fantastic!!! I can’t wait to see what you think when you finish!

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  18. Happy birthday, Erin! 🎊🎈🎉 I loved getting to learn a bit more about you through these answers, and I agree with so many of them! Annabeth is, obviously, awesome, and starting is definitely the worst thing about writing! Also, I think I really need to get a move on and read A Little Life already – I have yet to hear of a single person who didn’t adore that book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh thank you SO much, it makes me so happy that you feel that way🤍🥺 And YES you need to read A Little Life but have tissues near by😭

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Happy 18th!!! So so exciting (: I’ve been trying to get myself to reread the PJO books for awhile now, hopefully 2021 is finally the year! Also need to get to A Little Life, especially after reading how much you love it! Hope you had the best time celebrating and a great 18th year! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahhh thanks erin!! you are so sweet so glad we are blog buddies♡ and YES if you ever need motivation to read PJO reach out haha i’ll have a million years for ppl to read them!


  20. Happy Birthday! 🎂

    The writing style itself can really draw me into a story as well!

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  21. Happy birthday!! I loved reading this post! The Percy Jackson series is also one of my favourites and I LOVE the Kite Runner, it’s such a beautiful but heartbreaking story!

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    1. Thanks Jan, glad you love them as well🥰


  22. Happy Birthday!🥂🎉 It nice to see that someone else likes Lolita too.

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  23. Happy Birthday!
    I started this blog last year, somewhere in June, but I started being consistent only from October-November. Oh, and my birthday falls on 28th March. I’ll be 14 next month!

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    1. Ahh that’s great! This blog is just my little baby.


  24. Happy birthday Erin!! ❤ Looking For Alaska changed me after I read it. A friend gifted it to me for my birthday last year and still to this day I think about it. For such a short book it really has such an impactful message. Also Gilmore Girls is one of my FAVORITE shows of all time!!!! I'm rewatching it now for the comfort vibes lol. Also side note who is your favorite Game of Thrones character?? I LOVE LOVE Arya. Like, she is my role model goals! Such a cute post and I hope you had a great birthday ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true!! To this day, I don’t really know why Looking for Alaska impacts me as much as it does, especially since it’s the only John Green book I don’t hate oop. And YES Gilmore Girls is such a comfort show and it’s just all the academia vibes, I’m also rewatching it rn what a coincidence🥰. I’ve heard Arya’s storyline gets amazing, so I can’t wait to see where it leads her. Thank you so much for the comment Jai, I had such a fun time writing it💙✨

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  25. Happy Happy Birthday! 🎈🎂

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  26. Good morning birthday girl 👧 I love this post! I love you!


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  27. Happy birthday! And I created my goodreads back in 2013 I think too

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    1. I didn’t even know goodreads was a thing until 2017 hahhha i was late to that train. And thank you💙


  28. Happy birthday! 🎉🎉 I love the Throne of Glass series too!

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